An alignment test page will be printed. Prints very slowly If you are printing photos or your document contains graphics, it may take longer to print than regular text. The nozzles are located on the bottom of the ink cartridge. Click here to see description. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

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Press the Menu button until Paper: Compaq a3000 you are still experiencing problems: You can make changes to your settings even when your A is not connected to your computer.

Jb44-00017a Samsung Compaq A3000 Printer Power Supply Board

Press the Power button, open the front door, and install the ink cartridges. You can also access the Control Program by right clicking on the Compaq A Monitor icon in your system tray. Print is too dark or smudged Make sure: To change the mode, press either the Black Copy compaq a3000 Color Copy button. If the CD does not run automatically, you will need to start it yourself: To clean the contacts on the back of compaq a3000 cartridge, gently blot with a damp cloth and allow to dry before compaq a3000.


Compaq A All-in-One – Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

Align the top of the paper with the paper alignment guides on the paper a3000. The User Folder is where your compaq a3000 pictures are stored after you scan them. The Kodak Imaging for Windows program comes standard compaq a3000 Windows.

Button Description Power Turns the power on or off. You can define up to six 6 additional Scan To applications.

Jba Samsung Compaq A Printer Power Supply Board | eBay

To unlock or lock the scanner: If you use glossy paper for photos or transparencies, you should change the A paper type setting. Press the Menu compaq a3000 until Contrast: A declaration of conformity with the requirements of the Directive has been signed by the the assigned compaq a3000 within Compaq Computer Corporation.

Each pattern has a number under it.

Click here to see description. You can scan to a folder, compaq a3000 to email, or comaq to an application, as explained in the following sections.

The installation will start after a short period of time. If it does, try replacing the cartridge with a new one. Scanning Compaq a3000 the Scan To destination. Scan Contrast The contrast setting controls the lightness or darkness of compaq a3000 scan. Make sure the Compaq A is selected as your printer.


Jb02-01135a HP Compaq A3000 Printer Control Panel

Paper Select the appropriate Paper Size setting. By default, the text file format TXT is used for emails. For example, the cmpaq image scanned on August 5 would be named Aug Used compaq a3000 adjusting compaq a3000 paper width, loading envelopes, or clearing paper jams. Once your document is scanned, the application program will automatically launch and will load the scanned document.

Likewise, you do not have to wait for your copy to finish printing before starting another copy. Use it for your simple scanning needs. Remove the A from the box. Compaq a3000 vompaq can affect print quality and cause damage to compaq a3000 A The A will beep when it has finished scanning.